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If you've been evaluating methods to make print collateral accessible online, INDEXX's iPub™ Viewer is the ideal solution. Our signature publication tool provides a terrific way to manage multiple online documents and to let users view them conveniently from a single page. You can easily share brochures, catalogs, newsletters, and magazines in an easy-to-use format that boasts page flip-style viewing and panning and zooming capabilities, for example.

INDEXX's iPub™ Viewer service includes custom set-up, posting, and hosting of your online publications. There's no software for you to purchase or maintain, and you don't need to hire a web developer to load the content on your website or to add new materials – we take care of everything. Once we create the iPub™ Viewer version of your publications, you simply add a link to your website, and visitors can start browsing the content immediately.

While the tool has similarities to PDFs, iPub™ Viewer is superior in a number of ways. Search capabilities, for instance, are broader. With a single search term, you can scan your entire archive of publications rather than having to wade through a series of PDFs one by one. Individual publications, even pages, can be optimized for search engines with iPub™ Viewer. This capability allows your content to rank higher and draws more traffic to your site as a result. If you deal in advertising-driven publications such as magazines or newsletters, the added traffic increases the value for your advertisers – news that you'll want to share with them. And unlike PDFs, which require an employee or contractor to add items to your website, INDEXX handles the upload of all new publications to iPub™ Viewer, removing the hassle and the extra cost. Moreover, documents published with iPub™ Viewer can also be downloaded as Acrobat PDF files.

Those aren't the only benefits, however. Other perks include a customizable navigation bar that can be matched to your company's brand or website; integrated sharing tools that let you forward a publication to friends or clients via email, website link, or social media post; and streaming media integration that allows you to easily incorporate media-enhanced interactive presentations and online videos into your iPub™ Viewer documents. In addition, the tool can publish your content as an iPhone or iPad app and give it a presence in Apple's iTunes Store.

iPub™ Viewer service can be purchased as either a complement to any INDEXX print job or as a stand-alone solution. If you choose to add it to your print order, special package deals are available. Ask an INDEXX sales representative for details and pricing.

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